What’s Cooking Hawaii?

Welcome to season 5 on K-5!

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Episode 501

Rice Notes (3)_Page_1

Rice Notes (3)_Page_2

 Episode 502Khao Op SapparotEpisode 503

Pho Stock

Episode 504


Episode 505

The show is all about ulu

Ulu Guacamole

Episode 506

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Episode 507

Japanese Potato Salad

Episode 508

Japanese Potato Salad

Episode 509

Pipikaula Warabi Salad

Episode 510

Korean Obsession Recipes_Page_1 Korean Obsession Recipes_Page_2 Korean Obsession Recipes_Page_3



Episode 511



Episode 512

AlounFarms5thAnnualSweetOnionCulinaryCompetition(revised)_Page_1 AlounFarms5thAnnualSweetOnionCulinaryCompetition(revised)_Page_2 MarieandDariensBiography_Page_1Episode 513

KH BBQ Chili Recipe - Christian

KH BBQ Chili Recipe - Christian

Vegan Burger Patty Featuring Kings Hawaiian BBQ Sauce

Episode 514

Cooking Local Okinawan Favorites (1)_Page_1 Cooking Local Okinawan Favorites (1)_Page_2 Cooking Local Okinawan Favorites (1)_Page_3 Cooking Local Okinawan Favorites (1)_Page_4 Cooking Local Okinawan Favorites (1)_Page_5

Welcome to season 4 of What’s Cooking Hawaii?

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What’s Cooking Hawaii Season 4 Episode 1 Chop Chae Hawaiiana (pdf)

What’s Cooking Hawaii Ep_2_Season_4_ Bulgogi_Hawaiiana

What’s Cooking Hawaii Ep_2_Season_4_Pineapple_Gochujung

What’s Cooking Hawaii Ep_3_Season_4_Takjjim

What’s Cooking Hawaii? Season 2

KCC Culinary Arts has teamed with KFVE for a 13-episode cooking series called What’s Cooking Hawaii.  The series will feature Chef Grant Sato and KCC Culinary Students and alums.  Recipes will focus on healthier eating choices.

Season 2 of What’s Cooking Hawaii starts on October 2, 2013.  7 pm Wednesdays on KFVE and re-airs Sundays at 5 pm.

Episode 1 October 2, 2013 recipes:
Ep 1 Abalone with Asian Pesto
Ep 1 Kona Cold Lobster Chawan Mushi

Episode 2 October 9, 2013 recipes:
Ep 2 Fruit Kanten
Ep 2. Sunburst Breakfast bowl
Ep 2. Watermelon Lemonade

Episode 3 October 16, 2013
Ep 3 Confetti Corn Chowder
Ep 3 Green Papaya Salad with Cilantro-Basil Dressing
Ep 3 Mashed Kabocha with Lemongrass Coconut Curry Sauce and Spicy Green Beans

Episode 4 October 23, 2013
Ep 4 Fresh Tofu
Ep 4 Soki Udon

Episode 5 October 30, 2013
Ep. 5 Big Island Abalone and Opihi Poke Tower with Ho Farm Tomato Relish
Ep. 5 Okinawan Style Goya Gomae

Episode 6 November 6, 2013
Ep. 6 Crispy Tako and Kimchee Gyoza with Ko Choo Jung Aioli, Micro Green Salad and Sesame Ponzu Dressing
Ep. 6 Pan Seared Onaga with Goji Berry, Lemongrass Cream Sauce and Citrus Mung Bean Risotto

Episode 7 November 13, 2013
Ep. 7 Ahi Tataki Salad with Ponzu Dressing
Ep. 7 Sushi Su and Gokujo Sushi Spicy Ahi

Episode 8 November 20, 2013
Ep. 8 Coffee Rubbed Grilled Flank or Skirt Steak with Chimichurri Sauce
Ep. 8 Quinoa Salad

Episode 9 November 27, 2013
Ep. 9 Flan de Queso
Ep. 9 Sopa de Tortilla


Season 1
Episode 1-  January 9, 2013 “Splash of Aloha” cookbook

Episode 2 – January 16, 2013 Kahala Nui Healthy Kampachi Cooking Contest dishes    Kanpachi in yogurt turmeric marinade

Episode 3 – January 23, 2013 Kahala Nui Healthy Chicken Cooking Contest FINALKahalaNuiChickenRecipe

Episode 4 –  January 30, 2013 Chef Eddie Mafnas of Mafnas Catering and Firehouse Food Truck abalone tacos

Episode 5 – February 6, KCC Non Credit Instructors Chef Carol Nardello and Chef Magdy Elzoheiry Gluten Free Gingersnap cookies, Ginger Spice Cookies & Cran-Orange Bread & Swordfish Tagine

Episode 6 – February 13, 2013 ACF Team Hawaii 2012  ACF Competition Entree Recipes

Episode 7 – February 20, 2013 ACF Team Hawaii 2013 Poulet Saute Bercy

Episode 8 – Hookipa 2013 Ho Farm Namasu & Citrus Kampachi Tartare

Episode 9 – Hawaii 5-2-1-0 Let’s Go with Dr. May Okihiro Healthy Kids Pizza

Episode 10 – Chef Keoni Chang, Corporate Chef Sullivan Family of Companies Hamakua Mushroom & Ho Farm Pasta Salad and Local Pineapple & Coconut Ice Cream Caramel Sundaes

Episode 11 – Hawaii State Student Culinary Expo Recipes for EP-11 Featuring Produce from Frankies Nursery & Ho Farms

Episode 12 – Culinary Alumnus Tate Nakano Edwards Kona kampachi tartare

Episode 13 – Student culinarian Danny Sahagun makes fresh pasta, cooks it, and then makes a Easy Fresh Pasta


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