Hawaii 5210


The Kapi`olani Culinary Arts program is an active member of the statewide “Hawaii 5,2,1,0, Let’s Go!” campaign, to promote healthy eating and active living for children, teens and families, and to prevent childhood obesity.

It is an easy to remember daily formula:

5:  Eat at least 5 fruits, roots (e.g. sweet potatoes, carrots), or vegetables
2:  No more than 2 hours of screen times – including TV, computer, video games, phone  texting etc.
1:  At least one hour of physical activity, or play that increases the heart rate
0:  No sugary drinks – any drinks that contain added, refined sugar.  Best to drink water when thirsty.

A “Hawaii 5,2,1,0, Let’s Go” music and dance exercise video is being produced, in partnership with the Hawaii Youth Opera Chorus, and videographer Robert Gates, whose work includes the renowned “Kitchen Sessions with Charlie Trotter”, and “Ingredients”.  This dance exercise video will be available to educational and youth organizations for use in PE and physical activities.

More information on the activities, resources for physicians, students, parents, and teachers on how to follow the 5,2,1,0 guidelines can be found at http://www.hawaii5210.com/