Degrees and Certificates

The Kapi`olani Culinary Arts Program offers the following degrees and certificates:

  • Associate in Science degree (AS)
  • Certificate of Achievement (CA)
  • Certificate of Competence (CO)
  • Advanced Professional Certificate (APC)

These degrees and certificates differ in the numbers and types of courses required to fulfill all requirements. Some students may not wish to pursue a certificate or a degree or, instead, may select their course of study according to personal interests or occupational needs.

A degree is an academic credential awarded in accordance with University of Hawai`i Board of Regents’ approval and consists of the components of general education core requirements; college/program requirements; major requirements, if any; electives, if any; and additional degree requirements. Additional degree requirements include items such as total credit requirements, minimum overall cumulative grade point ratio (GPR), minimum GPR or grades for courses applied to the major or program requirements,‖ and other related requirements such as writing-intensive and foreign language.

Course Assessments:

The American Culinary Federation Educational Foundation, our accrediting body, requires that all competencies that correspond to student learning outcomes be assessed either formatively or summatively. This results in 100% of each Course Competency being assessed on a yearly basis. In addition, the Kapi`olani Culinary Arts Program assessed Program Learning Outcomes in all culinary classes.


The most current course descriptions including learning outcomes, credits, and prerequisites can be found in the KCC Catalog. In addition, a detailed course syllabus will be issued to students the first day of class.

For all program courses having the alpha CULN, a “C” or better is required unless otherwise stated, and a grade of “D” or better is required in non-CULN general education courses over100 level. Students pursuing the UH West Oahu/KCC BAS degree after earning KCC’s AS should contact for advising.