Cooking Up A Rainbow

Healthy Cooking for Kids, Teens, and Their Families!


“Cooking Up a Rainbow” is the bright side of “cooking up a storm”!

Hawaiʻi’s farmers grow a great variety of fresh, vibrant fruits and vegetables, delivered to the markets sometimes within a day or two after they are harvested.  Fruits and vegetables are the best way to add colors, excitement and variety to your meals.

Through the exploration of sight, smell, taste, touch (mouth feel, texture), and sound, we introduce a sense of fun, adventure, and empowerment for children and teens to exercise their healthy choices in selecting and preparing the foods they like to eat.

Hawaiʻi produces some of the world’s best vegetables and fruits.  The best sources of flavor and sweetness come from fresh, local grown products.  Under the guidance of an adult mentor (a teacher, parent, youth worker, health educator etc.), children can learn to cook and make great tasting snacks, salad, and “mini-meals” using readily available and affordable ingredients.

Cooking Up A Rainbow Recipes

This library of applied nutrition and healthy cooking guide, instructional photos and short video clips, glossary of Hawaiʻi fruits and vegetables, (available for free download) is designed for parents, teachers, health educators to use in classroom teaching, workshops, or just to cook healthy, tasty meals with children. The development of these material is funded by grants from the USDA and the Hawaiʻi Department of Agriculture.
Check out the Cooking Up A Rainbow Manual and Recipes!

KCC is seeking more community partners to join our effort in helping more children taste the colors of Hawaiʻi.

Click here to view “how to” videos on cutting fruits and vegetables, and preparing tasty and healthy dishes!