AS in Culinary Arts


The Associate in Science degree, Culinary Arts with a specialization in Culinary Arts, 70-72 credit program of study. This program option is designed for students who are interested in becoming professional chefs and those who intend to transfer to a four-year college. It offers you an opportunity to apply and practice skills learned in all aspects of the culinary arts in real-world environment. Students who join the American Culinary Federation prior to successfully completing the AS degree program requirements will be eligible for certification upon successful completions of their cumulative practical exam(s). Not all general education options listed below apply to the BAS degree.

Course Description Credits
ENG 100 or ESL 100or ENG 160 Composition I, orBusiness & Technical Writing (ESL 100 completers in the CULN or PAST programs prior to fall 2009 – -see counselor for waiver.) 3
BUS 100, or PHIL 110, orMATH 100 or higher Using Math to Solve business Problems, or Intro to Deductive Logic
or Survey of Mathematics or higher level Math
KCC AS/AH AS Arts and Humanities elective (100 level or higher) 3
KCC AS/SS AS Social Science elective (100 level or higher) 3
SP 151 or SP 181 or SP 251 Personal and Public Speech or Interpersonal Communication or
Principles of Effective Public Speaking
FSHE 185 The Science of Human Nutrition 3
CULN 111 Introduction to Culinary Arts/Career Preparation 2
CULN 112 Sanitation & Safety 2
CULN 115 Menu Merchandising 2
CULN 120 Fundamentals of Cookery ** (Prerequisite: CULN 112; concurrent ok) 5
CULN 130 Intermediate Cookery (Prerequisite: CULN 120; concurrent okay) 5
CULN 150 Fundamentals of Baking [ uniform and equipment list on p. 16 ] 5
CULN 160 Dining Room Service/ Stewarding Procedures [ uniform list on p. 9 ] 5
CULN 221 Continental Cuisine (Prerequisite: CULN 130; concurrent okay) 5
CULN 222 Asian/ Pacific Cuisine (Prerequisite: CULN 130; concurrent okay) 5
CULN 240 Garde Manger (Prerequisite: CULN 130; concurrent okay) 5
CULN 271 Hospitality Purchasing & Cost Control (Prerequisite: CULN 130; concurrent okay) 5
HOST 290 Hospitality Management (Prerequisite: “C” or better in CULN 111) 3
CULN 207 or HOST 293E Principles of Culinary Arts Competition I, or Hospitality Internship*
*HOST 293E is to be taken in the student’s final semester. After submitting an application for degree, please contact for registration clearance.