220 Grille

220 Grille  is a ‘learning laboratory’ for students enrolled in the Culinary Intermediate Cookery class. 220_grille_logo

Aloha Everyone,
We are happy to announce that 220 Grille is back for fall starting this week (9/2/20)…sort of…
It’s going to be very, very, very different this semester. Please note the following changes due to logistical constraints resulting from covid-19:
  • No full menu, only one meal offering per day (see link below)
  • Pre-Orders via email only, you may order 24 hours in advance via email (no in person orders, no telephone orders)
  • Only 18 orders per day. The 1st 18 emails received will be accepted (so order early!)
Please email culinary@hawaii.edu to place an order. Again, to keep it fair, you may only order 1 day in advance. If you are one of the first 18 lucky emails to be accepted, we will respond to you to let you know and give further instructions regarding payment.

Please remember to bring your reusable bags or a office mate to help you carry.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

We look forward to seeing you soon!